go for the pink cake!

The other night I was wrecked by the joy of being the Father’s child all over again. In the most unlikely of situations, I had a perfect example of what it’s really like to be a child of the King. And I just can’t keep it to myself. When I saw it, and realized its significance, I couldn’t help but smile… and keep smiling at the thought it represented!

I was at a women’s meeting and the room was unusually full. It was a special and rare occasion. It was complete with candles and silver utensils and white linen tables adorned with rather ‘dainty’ refreshments (you know, the girlie kind that you would never find at a men’s meeting). It was beautiful.

Everyone who attends church knows what its like to be at a prayer meeting… sometimes there are just awkward and quiet moments when you just wish someone would start praying just to break the silence. Just imagine the atmosphere, cuz its important to the story. So the prayer time continues on, with a reverent attitude of pleading before the King on behalf of our church women. All was still.

In walks a 3-year old little girl, unacquainted with the culture and rules of church prayer meetings. She is in no way from a prestiges background. In fact, they scrape to get by. I love watching her drift in the room! And yes, my eyes were open during prayer… but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post to be forthcoming. So the little girl walks in, and awed by the white linen adorned tables, is automatically drawn to see what they hold. As the prayer continues, so does her curiosity and awakened hunger. Then came the seemingly never-ending clanging of silverware against silver platters. She had obviously found some things she wanted to enjoy. I don’t know how long it took her to finally get everything on a little plate, but it was long enough for many of the women to open their eyes, look back, and find out what in the world was happening at the tables. Yes, it was distracting. Yes, it was annoying. Yes, it was never-ending clatter. But oh, it was so beautiful!

I watched as she took her tiny plate and sat down on the floor in front of the tables. Oops… forgot a fork. She hopped up to find one and then plopped back down on the floor next to her plate. Then she devoured a piece of pink cake with real strawberries in the pink icing. It was a little girls dream. I could tell that she was totally engrossed in her enjoyment of this delectable slice of yumminess. She was a happy little girl, as comfortable as could be.

Then it hit me! This is how the Father wants us to feel and act when we come to Him! He wants us to be so familiar with Him, so comfortable in His home, that we can come to the table He has set out just for us (which holds all the treasures of heaven!) and get what we want! Not just what we need, but what we want! Yummy looking pink cake! And just as I watched this little girl the other night and couldn’t stop smiling, I know the Father just gets tickled (the warm fuzzies… in a divine kind of way, ofcourse) when He sees us behaving like we really are His children and we really do belong at His table. It pleases Him to lavish us with gifts and blessings, it’s not something He does because He has to or out of obligation. He gives us gifts because it brings Him so much joy to see us happy!

I’ve rarely thought of God as a happy God. This is a new concept for me. It’s a concept I like to think about and work through. I mean, if I could feel so happy watching a 3-year old I barely know enjoy delicacies at a simple meeting… how much more deeply does the Father feel happiness when its His own children He watches enjoy the gifts He gave? So, what’s the point? Run to the table! Go for the pink cake! Enjoy every crumb!

Here’s a new picture… a happy Jesus!