Love. is. all. that. matters.

Maybe I’m late to discover this song, but I did and it really touched my heart. Partly because it’s live and pretty much any song done acoustically captures my attention as if its speaking my first language. But also because it echoes the truth that continues to be nailed further and further into bedrock of my very soul. Namely, no matter what comes at me or how the waters rise, making me gasp for air… or how the flames inch nearer, melting off the outer shell of my skin… the only thing that really matters is His love. And really, that is enough.

Those aren’t trite words. They are words that can only be spoken by me through the hemorrhaging rawness of brokenness. And the path of brokenness leads to a fork in the road, so to speak. There are only two ways to go when you come up out of that valley. One is paved with hopelessness, self worship, bitterness, and absolute destruction. The other is paved with genuine peace that passes understanding, hope that endures what you think you could never deal with, and the priceless realization that God is nearer than ever before and holding you up in His gentle and strong arms of love that cannot fail… love that, when you find yourself gasping for air, death cannot drown the fire of His love for you.


1 Comment

  1. Billy said,

    January 20, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    You are awesome. You are understanding the nature of God like few of us ever will. Its the way of God to lead through paths that silence the ambitious outer man and let our spirit touch His. This is the true place of man.

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