It’s His birthday, not ours.

A few days ago I picked up a book called “The Papa Prayer”. I’ve kinda been avoiding it because of its popularity and fanaticism in Christian circles. And even thought I’m a rising fan of the author Larry Crabb, I’m just not a huge fan of what’s bigger, better, and popular stuff… especially when it comes to Christian bookstore paraphernalia (have you said your prayer of Jabez today?).

I’ve only read a few pages into the book, and I’m already hooked. Crabb is starkingly honest about the prayer struggle. He’s quite candid about the Christian use of prayer as a tool to use God for our own purposes and wishes. And honestly, I bet if all the prayers I’ve prayed since I was four had been recorded (well, they are in heaven, but that doesn’t do me much good right now for this magnitude of a project), there’s no doubt that my ‘wish list’ far outweighs His ‘praise list’.

So, in light of the season of celebrating the best Gift in all the history and future of the universe, I naturally want to give Him something special for His birthday. I saw on a friend’s facebook that they are ‘fasting’ from Facebook this Christmas week to focus on Him. I thought that was a neat idea. But it wasn’t really what I wanted to give Him. As soon as I read these pages in The Papa Prayer, I knew what I wanted to give Him.

This year in celebration of Jesus’ birthday, I want to give Him a week of not asking for anything. I just want to enjoy Him. Be with Him. Praise Him. Adore Him. Worship Him. It’s been less than 24 hours that I’ve decided this, and already I’m realizing how habitually demanding my prayer life has been. It shouldn’t be this hard not to ask Him for anything.

I have a feeling that this gift to Him will prove the statement, “It really is more blessed to give than to receive”.


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